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Carnalea Golf Club has been selected to be one of the clubs to pilot the One Club Model Framework.

It is believed that the One Club Model will foster a stronger culture of inclusivity, equality, fairness and working together to promote, develop and administer the game of golf, ultimately leading to a creation of a modern golf club culture. This also should guarantee that the rights and entitlements of members are determined by membership categories and not by gender.

There are two golf structures available under the One Club Model Framework that our Working Group/Sub-committee, which will be made up of six people (4 men, 4 women), will review and make a recommendation to the Management Committee.

The two options can be found on page 40 of the Golf Ireland Governance Guide for Clubs.

In summary, our club can choose to:

Replace the Men’s and Women’s Committees with a Single Golf Committee representing both genders which will be responsible for all aspects of the playing of the game and thus remove the requirement for having separate Men’s and Women’s Club AGMs every year or
alternatively, maintain the two Golf Committees but amend them to 2 sub-committees and this will also remove the requirement for having separate Men’s and Women’s AGMs every year.

It should be noted also that there are variations within both options to consider in terms of a One Club Captain, a One Club President, Handicapping, Competitions, Junior Golf & Social elements being combined with equal representation from both genders and/or Club Finances & Financial Accounting procedures been combined.

Governance Guide

The Golf Ireland Governance Guide is designed to help you understand and improve governance in your club. It is hoped that by reading this guide and using the toolkit provided your club will feel empowered to make the necessary changes to ensure good structures are in place.

Governance Guide